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White Kidney Beans Effect And Effect

Nov 03, 2017

White beans are also called green beans, which is a more delicious, and nutrition is also very rich in fruits and vegetables, however, many people on the efficacy and role of white beans are not very understanding, in order for us to eat this green beans, to People's health can bring a lot of help, I hope we have to recognize this knowledge.

The efficacy and role of white kidney beans is one can not know, because the main origin of kidney beans is in Mexico and Argentina in the Americas, the emergence of this plant in China time is in the 16th century AD, before the introduction of cultivation, The main planted is white kidney beans, big black kidney beans is the most famous. Therefore, in normal life, Baiyun not only belongs to a delicious food, in fact, still belong to an effective health care herbs.

Kidney beans to fresh pod-based, can also be processed into pickles food, is a good taste, good for all ages beans vegetables. Compared with chicken, its protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins are far higher than the content of chicken, showing its nutrient-rich. Beans full of particles hypertrophy, bright color, nutrient-rich, can cook can be stewed, not only is the production of cakes, bean paste, sweet soup, red bean quality raw materials, its medicinal value is also high. Kidney bean is also a rare high potassium, high magnesium, low sodium foods, especially for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia and avoid salt consumption. In particular, should be noted that in order to prevent poisoning eat kidney beans, should be dealt with, such as boiling water can be used or hot oil boiled until cooked, discolored before consumption.

Efficacy: Detox beauty. Eat more kidney beans can increase the metabolism of the skin, promote detoxification of the body, make the skin often keep young. Slimming. Kidney beans in the saponin substances can reduce fat absorption, promote fat metabolism; and dietary fiber can speed up the food through the intestine, so to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Improve the body's resistance and regeneration ability. Kidney beans contain saponin, urease and a variety of globulin and other ingredients, can improve the body's own immune capacity and enhance disease resistance, the development of tumor cells have an inhibitory effect, but also for patients with hepatic coma have a good effect. In addition, kidney beans can also stimulate bone marrow hematopoietic function, enhance patient's ability to resist infection, induce osteoblast proliferation and promote fracture healing.