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What Kind Of Food Do Beans Have?

Jul 19, 2017

Beans are rich in nutrients, but some of their own nutritional factors reduce the bioavailability of soybeans and other Beans. If the cooking process is reasonable, the nutritional factors can be effectively removed. Do you want to know more about other ingredients besides beans?

Since ancient times, the folk have "eat beans three money every day, why need to take medicine years" proverb, meaning that if every day can eat some beans, can effectively resist disease. Can be a variety of beans, cooking a variety of ways, how to daily convenient and fast to eat some nutritious beans? Yang Li, professor of Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, recommended several best edible methods.

Eat more soy products. When soybeans are processed into tofu, dried tofu, tofu peel and other soy products, the content of calcium increases significantly. such as 100 grams of tofu containing calcium 164 mg, 100 grams of tofu containing 308 mg of calcium, 100 grams of tofu silk containing calcium 204 mg. And big soy products to eat up convenient, of course, drink enough milk every day also have the same effect. Daily dietotherapy side: Soy Stew pig's hoof, can play the role of beauty, calcium supplementation, pregnant women eat can milk.

Red bean rice, red beans boil into porridge, more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, taste also more smooth. With rice with JIANPI nourishing blood, dehumidification effect, often drink a little red bean porridge, Yangxin Sheng Jin, especially for menopausal women. Daily dietotherapy recipe: The red bean and carp, carp boil into soup, can be jianpi replenish water.

Mung bean sand, summer boil mung bean soup heat, has been the habit of people's lives. But in fact, mung bean made of mung bean to eat, in addition to the intake of more vitamins A, B, C, but also to add more dietary fiber. Mung bean sand is also very convenient to make, the mung bean wash, add the right amount of water, with soy milk machine to play 10 minutes. Can add a small amount of sugar according to individual taste, make nutritious and delicious dessert. Daily dietotherapy recipe: Mung bean and kelp, celery stew together, can drop blood pressure, blood lipid.

Black beans, soy bean paste and other delicious spices are made from the soybean. Compared with other Beans, its biggest advantage is tonifying the kidney, but also nourishing yin and activating blood. Daily dietotherapy side: black beans and lamb, dog meat stew together, can complement kidney yang, especially for the kidney deficiency of the people to eat. In addition, black beans and "Ufa Niang" laudatory name, with its made of soy milk, tofu and so on, is hair early white, alopecia patients jiapin diet.