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What Are The Benefits Of Canned Broad Beans In The End?

May 19, 2017

Canned Broad Beans is a lot of people like a kind of food, and the broad bean is also very diverse. However, many people often eat beans but do not know what the benefits of beans in the end, what effect and the role of beans. Experts said that broad beans rich in nutrients, the human body's bones, brain and nerve tissue have a very good effect.

1. broad bean canned brain

If you are coping with consideration or a mental worker, proper eating of beans may have some effect. Vicia contains essential components to regulate the brain and nerve tissue calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipids, etc., and is rich in gallstones, with enhanced memory of the brain effect.

2. Canned Broad Beans can reduce cholesterol

The crude fiber in the broad bean skin has the effect of lowering the cholesterol and promoting the peristalsis.

3. Canned Broad Beans to prevent cardiovascular disease

Broad beans in the rich protein content, and does not contain cholesterol, can improve the nutritional value of food to prevent cardiovascular disease.

4. Canned Broad Beans of the Qi and spleen

Traditional medicine that it can Qi and spleen, dampness swelling.

5. Delayed arteriosclerosis

Vitamin C in broad beans can delay arteriosclerosis.

6. To promote bone growth

Calcium in broad beans, is conducive to bone absorption and calcification of calcium, can promote the growth and development of human bones.

7. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer of Canned Broad Beans

Vicia is also one of the anti-cancer food, to prevent colon cancer have a certain effect.

Traditional medicine that sweet beans sweet, flat, into the spleen, stomach; can Bu Zhong Yi Qi, spleen and stomach, heat and dampness, hemostatic blood pressure, astringent fine stop; attending gas shortage, burnout Eat, high blood pressure , Hemoptysis, Nvxue, women with lower illness and other diseases. Tender beans boiled rice porridge and stomach, laxative, habitual constipation have a good effect. Silk bean stems stop bleeding, antidiarrheal; leaf convergence to stop bleeding. Flower cooling blood, bleeding; seed skin diuretic wetting; pod income convergence to stop bleeding.