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Tomato Paste To Eat More Of The Disadvantages

Jun 16, 2017

Qualified Tomato Paste is good for the body, a spoonful of Tomato Paste contains 3.5 grams of fiber, more than an actual tomato more than 2 grams of fiber. Weekdays, you can let the children eat vegetables, meat or cheese dipped in Tomato Paste to eat, unknowingly increase nutrition. If not enough to worry about, then make a little to their children to eat, so that the child's nutrition is fully guaranteed:

Prepared: a few ripe tomatoes, covered with a glass bottle.

Steps: 1, in the cap to drill a small hole; 2, the tomatoes with boiling water about, because the hot tomatoes are easy to peeling friends; 3, will peel the tomatoes cut into small Ding; 4, the tomato 5, will be filled with tomatoes in the glass bottle into the steamer pot on the steam; (can also be used with a clean, and can be used in a clean glass bottle, filled with a bottle, Oil pot small fire boil, received thick juice on it) 6, steam for 15 minutes, you can.

 Finally remind you that if the food processing machine in advance to break the tomatoes, then more trouble, the other to note that all the utensils should be washed, the above can not have a little bit of oil.

 List of Nutritional Ingredients for Tomato Paste

(Per 100 grams included) Ingredient name Content Ingredient name Content Ingredient name Content

Edible 100 Moisture (g) 75.8 Energy (kcal) 81

Energy (kJ) 339 Protein (g) 4.9 Fat (g) 0.2

Carbohydrate (g) 16.9 Dietary fiber (g) 2.1 Cholesterol (mg) 0

Ash (gram) 2.2 Vitamin A (mg) 0 Carotenoids (mg) 0

Retinol (mg) 0 Thiamine (μg) 0.03 Riboflavin (mg) 0.03

Niacin (mg) 5.6 Vitamin C (mg) 0 Vitamin E (T) (mg) 4.45

A-E 4.2 (β-γ) -E 0.25 δ-E 0

Calcium (mg) 28 Phosphorus (mg) 117 Potassium (mg) 989

Sodium (mg) 37.1 magnesium (mg) 37 iron (mg) 1.1

Zinc (mg) 0.7 selenium (microgram) 0.4 copper (mg) 0.33

Manganese (mg) 0.28 Iodine (mg) 0