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Tomato Paste Salt Can Be Preserved

Jun 28, 2017

After opening the Tomato Paste, if not eat, even in the refrigerator is also very easy to degenerate. At this time you may wish to sprinkle some salt on the Tomato Paste, and then pour some food, into the refrigerator to save, because the salt and oil can inhibit bacterial growth.

Tomato Paste is made from fresh ripe tomato peeled seeds. Can be divided into two kinds, one color red, as common; another Tomato Paste from the further processing of Tomato Paste, sweet and sour taste, dark red color. The former can be used for cooking spices, the latter can be dipped in food.

Most of the Tomato Paste was dark red or red, the sauce body is fine and delicate, the viscosity is moderate, the taste is sweet and sour, no impurities, no smell.

1. Tomato Paste after opening, should be finished as soon as possible, during the sealed cold storage;

2. Tomato Paste and some food with food will produce rich calories, people who are losing weight Shensi.

The general population can be eaten

1. Especially suitable for arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, nephritis patients consumption, cold body, low blood pressure, cold hands and feet in winter, edible Tomato Paste is better than fresh tomatoes;

2. acute enteritis, bacillary dysentery and ulcer patients do not eat.

Tomato Paste the easiest way to make:

1. A large number of tomatoes, the bottom of the cross knife, soak 1 minute after boiling water, dip after the cold water, and then break the seeds. 2. Put the tomato meat by hand and catch it, and pour it out of Shau Kei. 3. cook in the pot for about 30 minutes, after the cold with a juice machine labeled as a slip. 4. Once again cook back to the water to dry to the extent you want. You can add sugar, white vinegar and corn starch water thicken. Reminder: no preservatives, need to be refrigerated.