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The Meaning Of Tomato Sauce

Apr 06, 2017

Tomato sauce (English: Tomato sauce), is a tomato as the main raw material supplemented with a variety of other seasonings made of sauces, generally as the production of meat and vegetables sauce, but the most common in the production of spaghetti and other food As the seasoning; tomato sauce has a variety of tastes, the most common garlic taste, sweet pepper taste, pepper taste, seafood taste; individual areas known as tomato paste; tomato sauce named tomato sauce semi-direct transliteration.

Tomato sauce is a tomato flesh with sugar, salt in salad oil and garlic and other seasonings with stir fry modulation made. Tomato sauce usually contains tomato pulp, tomatoes, pepper (red, yellow, green), tomato seeds. To garlic, oregano, basil, onions, chili powder, olive oil as seasoning accessories.

The biggest difference between tomato sauce and tomato sauce is that tomato sauce can be eaten directly, and tomato sauce must be cooked. Tomato, in the eyes of many people, just ordinary fruit and vegetables, inexpensive, sweet and sour. Who can think of it, it is a small body which contains a rich and full of nutrition, good for health!