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The Export Of Tomato Paste

Jul 10, 2017

Tomato Paste in addition to lycopene, there are B vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, protein and natural pectin, and fresh tomatoes compared to tomato nuts in the nutritional content is more easily absorbed by the body.

Bottled, the first bottle of water poured out, while the hot funnel in the tomatoes installed in the bottle, leaving a little gap in the bottle, the top of a little wine, and then tighten the plastic cover.

With the above method to do the Tomato Paste, generally can maintain more than a year taste the same, and fresh tomatoes, but after the bottle can not be stored.

2012 national Tomato Paste industry put forward the "limited production price" proposal, large enterprises in the industry play a good role in the industry, the industry achieved positive results, contributed to the enterprise greatly reduce inventory. According to the industry backbone enterprises COFCO Tun River Co., Ltd. on the cost of domestic and international analysis of Tomato Paste, the current domestic production of 2012/13 crop price of Tomato Paste has been gradually close to breakeven point, if the international market prices continue to rise 50 US dollars / t, domestic Tomato Paste production enterprises are expected to achieve profitability (Figure 2). In 2014, China's full cost of Tomato Paste is about 975 US dollars / t, while the European importer FOB offer for 918 US dollars / t, China's Tomato Paste is still in the loss of the edge. The global tomato market is greater than the pattern of demand to be eased, the international market trend of Tomato Paste bottomed out; but the production and marketing situation of Tomato Paste is still a lot of uncertainty, the global stock of Tomato Paste is still a large pressure, the price trend is difficult to continue for a long time, There is limited space for Tomato Paste.

Among them, the average price of concentrated apple juice exports for the national customs of apple juice concentrate export FOB price average, frozen orange juice import price for the national customs frozen orange juice imports CIF average, the international average price of orange juice futures for the United States New York futures trading Frozen concentrated orange juice futures average transaction price, the average price of Tomato Paste exports for a variety of packaging Tomato Paste export weighted average price.