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The Effect And Function Of Red Beans

Sep 22, 2017


Red beans have pure heart, spleen and kidney effect, add lotus seeds, lily more solid fine gas, bleeding, strong bones and other effects, can cure lung dry, dry cough, enhance visceral activity, enhance physical strength. Health is also an important part of skin care, outside the tune with the support, in order to create a water Lingling woman.

Red beans in traditional medicine, mainly used in water - to edema, Qi - to beriberi, spleen, such as red beans and carp soup consumption, edema, athlete's foot, dysuria and other therapeutic effects, but also treatment Liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, complement virtual; red beans and melon after the soup is full of edema of the diet to share; red beans and lentils, barley cook, can treat diarrhea. In addition, red beans can also be used with traditional Chinese medicine, such as red beans with Forsythia and angelica decoction, can treat liver abscess; red beans with dandelion, licorice decoction, treatment of bowel pain and so on.

Chinese medicine experts believe that red beans with swelling, light body effect. Suitable for all types of edema, including renal edema, cardiac edema, cirrhosis of ascites, malnutrition, edema and other patients eat. Summer hot weather, some people will appear the phenomenon of edema, this time to drink red bean soup, edema has a very good therapeutic effect. If you can just drink when the red bean soup to adjust the next day you can see the edema of the decline, and then even about 8 days or so, you can make the phenomenon of edema completely disappeared.

Effect one

Red beans contain more saponins, can stimulate the intestinal tract, so it has a good diuretic effect, can hangover, detoxification, heart disease and kidney disease, edema beneficial;

Role two

Red beans have more dietary fiber, with a good laxative, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, detoxification anti-cancer, prevention of stones, fitness to lose weight;

The role of three

Red beans are rich in folic acid foods, maternal, nipples eat red beans have the effect of prolactin.