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The Difference Between Kidney Beans Canned And Beans

Jul 19, 2017

The shape of Kidney Beans Canned and beans does not seem to be different, many people easily confuse them, in the end how to distinguish it, let's look at the shape and color to distinguish:

First, Kidney Beans Canned: Kidney Beans Canned, Kidney Beans Canned or a rare high potassium, high, low sodium food, every gram potassium 1520 mg, magnesium 193.5 mg, sodium only 0.8-0.9 mg, this feature in the nutritional treatment has a lot of useful. Kidney beans are especially suitable for patients with heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia and salt-eating. Kidney beans are nutrient-rich food, but its seeds contain a poisonous protein, must be destroyed at high temperature, so edible kidney beans must be cooked and boiled thoroughly, to eliminate adverse factors, to better play its nutritional benefits.

Second, beans: beans are all leguminous plants collectively. Beans vegetables mainly include lentils, knife beans, peas, cowpea, etc., most contain more high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids (good fat).

How to choose Kidney Beans Canned

1. Color: With the inherent color of the Kidney Beans Canned varieties, such as yellow soybeans, black beans and so on, bright shiny is good beans;

2. Texture: Full and neat granules, no broken flap, no defect, no pests, no mildew, no hanging silk for good beans, granules fall, incomplete, different size, there are broken petals, moth-eaten, moldy for inferior beans.

3. Dry humidity: teeth bite jellybeans, pronunciation crisp into fragments, indicating the drying of soybeans;

4. Fragrance: High quality Kidney Beans Canned have normal aroma and taste, with sour or musty quality times.