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The Diet Culture Of Tomato Paste

Jun 06, 2017

Modern Tomato Paste began in the early 20th century. The direct cause of its emergence is the discussion of the use of sodium benzoate. The FDA's father, Harvey Welly, questioned the safety of benzoic acid. So entrepreneurs, especially H. J-Heinz, began looking for substances that could be used to replace benzoic acid.

Previous Tomato Paste was very thin because of the use of immature tomatoes with less pectin. The Tomato Paste contained less vinegar than today. By selecting ripe tomatoes as a raw material, there is no need to use benzoic acid in Tomato Paste, which is not as bad as early Tomato Paste. Some experts believe that the changes in this material not only to the use of benzoic acid, but also to make its taste changes, and it is this change in flavor makes it widely used today condiment.

Previous Tomato Paste had two flavors: bitterness and salty. But Tomato Paste has also gained flavor after switching to mature tomatoes and adding more tomatoes. By adding more vinegar it also gets sour and spicy. Its sweetness doubles after benzoic acid. This blend of five flavors makes the Tomato Paste very tasty.

Tomato Paste used to be made from fresh tomatoes. After harvesting, the tomato becomes a very sticky tomato paste through vacuum evaporation. This tomato paste can be preserved at room temperature for a long while, so it can be used to make Tomato Paste all year round.

In the past, the Tomato Paste is usually in a glass bottle, and the glass bottle can effectively protect the Tomato Paste from dryness and oxidation, but it is not easy to pour out of the glass bottle because of the sticky Tomato Paste. The newly introduced polyethylene bottles make it easy to squeeze Tomato Paste. Most of the Tomato Paste is packed in polythene bottles today.

Tomato paste price Hike Two listed companies in Xinjiang field grab raw materials

After several years of painful go to inventory process, Tomato Paste processing enterprises in 2013 finally looked forward to the market to warm, but the domestic tomato paste production giant Cofco Tun River (600737) has encountered a new problem.

According to local media reports in Xinjiang, August 9, 2013, in Xinjiang Construction and Construction Corps Eighth Division 143 Group of a tomato field next to, Cofco Tun River Tomato Deputy general manager Han Qi-wan hand with farmers signed the contract, but helplessly looked at Xinjiang days industry (600075) picking machine to collect tomato raw materials. But the Xinjiang Tian industry dong secret office personage to reporter, said to this situation does not know.

As one of the world's three big Tomato Paste tomato plants, the tomato in Xinjiang, China, mostly takes the order agriculture model. And in the face of the price of Tomato Paste to buy the raw materials, Xinjiang characteristics of agricultural Products Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General Qin Gang, "Daily economic News (micro Bo)," the reporter said, enterprises scramble raw materials, showing the tomato cultivation order of the agricultural model there are many problems, may be enterprises, farmers are