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The Basic Knowledge Of Tomato Sauce

Apr 06, 2017

Tomato sauce is a fresh sauce of fresh tomato sauce. Is a bright red sauce body, with a unique flavor of tomato, is a distinctive seasoning, generally not directly imported. Tomato sauce by the mature red tomato by crushing, beating, remove the skin and seeds and other hard material, the concentrated, canned, sterilization made. Tomato sauce commonly used for fish, meat and other food cooking seasoning, is by color, add acid, fresh, Yu Xiang's seasoning to share. The use of tomato sauce, is the formation of Hong Kong Cantonese flavor flavor of an important seasoning content.

Tomato sauce, tomato paste, or tomato sauce, is a commonly used mature tomatoes, commonly used condiments. The basic ingredients of tomato sauce are tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, all sour, clove, cinnamon, onions, celery and other vegetables are often added.