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Standardized Management Plan For Kidney Beans

Oct 25, 2017

1, temperature management

After the cultivation of kidney beans, the temperature is generally maintained at 30 ° during the day and night temperature 16-18 °.

This stage of the cultivation of kidney beans remained at about 28 degrees during the day;

Flower bud differentiation stage: pay attention to the temperature can not be too high, the day can not exceed 30 °, can not be less than 26 °, keep at 12-14 ° at night.

2, water management

This period of appropriate water control, watering can not be too dangerous to drought, the appropriate extension of the watering period. Because the watering is easy to lead to leggy, vigorous, so that flower bud differentiation is not good.

3, flower bud differentiation

15 days after planting, spray plant growth supplements 200ml + fruit God 3 package 1 + potassium and potassium power / excellent fruit boron 1 package

4, growing control

Growing too busy: 15 days after planting, according to the height of the child grow, within 0.5 meters long, spray fruit on the 4th or Paul Feng Su, strong and powerful with the fruit on the 4th, combined with long-term use of 1/2 or 1 / 3 packs up to 1 pack / barrel, bitter spray spray Baofeng 1 pack / barrel. And combined with temperature control, opened the temperature difference, the appropriate control of water.

Growing normal spray: Plant growth suppositories 200ml + fruit 3 1 pack + phosphorus and potassium power / excellent fruit boron 1 package, if only slightly thin leaves, plant growth agent to increase the amount of agent.

5, the beginning

Kidney beans in the long to 1.8-2 meters, combined with temperature, moisture, drug control 2 times, generally vigorous to 0.5 meters began to control, conducive to flower bud differentiation, increase production. Grow to 1.8-2 meters, according to the height of the wire, 20cm in the wire below the head

6, to prevent eubacteria

Bacterial disease: with chlorothalonil or crystal horse + fine brake or mesocin, 10 days once, pay attention to the amount of medication.

Red root (root rot): spray Shiwei acres + fine brake + plant growth supplements. Pre-colonization (within half a month), irrigation root twice. Also note that easy to dead trees in the old shed, before and after the start, and then prevent once.

Anti-gray mold, pyrimethamine component can not be used.

7, pests

For mites, tea yellow mites, thrips and other pests, pay attention to drug concentration, because kidney beans are very sensitive to drugs.