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Production Of Tomato Sauce

Apr 06, 2017

First remove the roots of tomatoes, and then put the tomatoes in the water until the skin began to fall off. About a minute of effort, and then put them in cold water, so it will not be too hot. And then peel the tomato skin, seeding. Put them in a bowl without cover and heat with microwave until blistering, about 8 to 12 minutes. Then put the heated tomato into the filter and dry the water. This step is repeated in the microwave until the tomato becomes the kind of viscosity we want. If you put the tomato sauce into the refrigerator and freeze it overnight, it will separate more liquid sauce. It will certainly be better than the summer to keep the tomato sauce in the oven to do much better.

Tomato sauce is a tomato sauce with sugar, vinegar, salt in the salad oil fried prepared a sweet and sour juice. Tomato sauce is reddish brown, sauce-like, delicate body, sweet and sour taste and spicy flavor. Mainly used for Western food, such as fried pork chops and some cold dishes put tomato sauce, or for tomato oxtail soup, tomato shrimp and so on. Tomato sauce is best to use glass bottles, ventilated dry place, storage environment bogey, avoid wet.

Tomato sauce and tomato sauce the biggest difference is that tomato sauce can be eaten directly, the most common in eating French fries dipped in tomato sauce, and tomato sauce must be cooked, such as the production of pasta, add tomato sauce with stir fry.