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Planting Management Of Kidney Beans In Greenhouse

Oct 25, 2017

First, a reasonable watering fertilizers against kidney beans red root

Root disease (such as sclerotia, damping-off, anthrax, etc.) will make kidney beans roots become red and rot, but the spring crop of kidney beans red roots are mostly caused by improper fertilizer, often showed less root, The Therefore, the management must be strict fertilizer water off. Can be after the Spring Festival fertilizer and water management section:

The temperature is still low stage: do not have water to prevent excessive reduction in ground temperature caused by injury or retting root. This period is still to use the winter "pouring a small ditch, pouring a small water" approach, and fertilizer should promote the root of high quality bio-fertilizer.

Temperature recovery stage: In order to ensure that the nutrient needs of a large number of flowering pods, should increase the amount of fertilizer, but still can not use all the chemical fertilizers, especially a large number of nitrogen fertilizer. Can be used with biological fertilizer with fertilizer together.

After the temperature rise: may be appropriate to increase water consumption, available seaweed fertilizer or potassium sulfate compound fertilizer 25 ~ 30 kg / acre.

It should be noted that: biological bacteria fertilizer, although less nutrition, but can expand the scope of nutrition absorption of roots to improve the utilization of fertilizer, but also to prevent disease; and in the chemical fertilizer, should not be washed high nitrogen or high potash fertilizer, because high Nitrogen fertilizer is easy to cause plants leggy, high potassium fertilizer easy to make pods bulb.

Second, the regulation of shed temperature anti-kidney beans fall

The current weather changes frequently, hot and cold, the proposed farmers to do a good job in the greenhouse temperature control, to avoid the shed temperature is too high or too low, affecting kidney beans flowering pods. Production, shed temperature control can grasp the following principles:

Before flowering: control shed temperature during the day at 23 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, to maintain a high temperature, promote the development of stem spider.

Early flowering: can control the shed temperature during the day at 20 ℃ ~ 24 ℃, can not exceed 24 ℃, to prevent the temperature is too high cause kidney beans flower bud differentiation and flower.

Podding period: can improve the shed temperature, day control at 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, in order to facilitate fruit and stem vine growth.

In addition, if the daytime temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the night temperature drop is not down, the temperature difference between day and night is less than 10 ℃, then the daytime photosynthetic products for the growth of stems, and plant nutrients accumulated less, , The same will appear joint long, stems fine, spend less or flowers, etc., to remind farmers to strengthen the regulation and control.

There is a saying goes, "playing the spring, Mo happy, there are 40 days of cold weather." Therefore, farmers should also be prepared to deal with low temperature weather. Vegetable can be sprayed on the surface of chitin products, frost and cold, to prevent falling flowers pods. Lianyin days after sunny, do not pull grass that is too fierce, to avoid acute withered kidney beans plants, the proposed 10:00 before the choice of pull flowers, and then pull the whole house.