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Kidney Beans Planted Taboo More!

Oct 25, 2017

One, bogey high temperature. Kidney beans do not like high temperature, high temperature often cause kidney beans sturdy long, falling flowers pods. And the spring shed temperature is higher, if not pay attention to strengthen the ventilation, the kidney beans flowering fruit set rate will not be very high, even after sitting the same will happen falling pods. Therefore, if you want to yield high yield of kidney beans, control the flowering time is very critical. Under normal circumstances, the most suitable temperature of kidney bean flowering period of 20-24 ℃, higher than 24 ℃ when the fruit rate decreased, higher than 28 ℃ when there will be serious drop pods.

Second, avoid watering. Flowering watering will cause kidney beans falling pods, therefore, flowering must be prohibited watering. For the anti-kidney beans flowering shed when the soil is too dry, before flowering in the planting ditch within the slip of small water to ensure that kidney beans flowering soil is not too dry.

Three, bogey boron. Boron deficiency is also one of the important causes of kidney beans fall pods, therefore, kidney beans must be made up early flowering boron fertilizer. Can be sprayed borax 600 times the liquid or fast boron 1200-1500 times, can significantly improve the flowering fruit set, to avoid falling pods. It should be emphasized that some of the vegetable boron deficiency is mostly due to the soil is too dry caused by plant root absorption capacity caused by obstruction, therefore, kidney beans flowering should also pay attention to keep the soil, but dry and wet.

Four, indiscriminate use of drugs. Kidney beans should be hanged with pyrimethamine, mancozeb, anthrax fu Mei, Ethanomycin ingredients, copper preparations should be halved. Kidney beans flowering more sensitive to pesticides, often prone to phytotoxicity, especially with pyrimethamine. Therefore, the usual kidney beans in the medication, must not choose the ingredients containing the above ingredients, sprayed with such agents will not only cause leaves yellow, serious will also result in falling pods. In addition, when medication, should also pay attention to the concentration of liquid to scientific and reasonable ratio, the general flow should stop spraying, so as to avoid phytotoxicity, leading to the occurrence of kidney beans fall pods.