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Ketchup Market

Aug 13, 2018

In 2012, the national ketchup industry put forward a proposal of “limited production and price protection”. Large enterprises played a good role in the industry, and the industry achieved positive results, which led to a significant reduction in inventory. According to the analysis of the cost of domestic and foreign tomato ketchup by the industry-leading enterprise COFCO Tunhe Co., Ltd., the price of ketchup produced in the domestic 2012/13 crop season has gradually approached the break-even point, if the international market price continues to rise by US$50/t, domestically Ketchup producers are expected to make a profit (Figure 2). In 2014, the total cost of our country's tomato sauce was about US$975/t, while that of European importers FOB was US$918/t. China's tomato sauce is still on the verge of losing money. The global tomato market output was greater than the need to ease the pattern, the international tomato sauce market prices bottomed out; but the tomato sauce production and marketing situation is still a lot of uncertainty, the global tomato sauce inventory pressure is still relatively large, the price increase trend is difficult to continue for a long time, There is limited room for price increase in ketchup.

Among them, the average export price of concentrated apple juice is the average value of the offshore price of the export of concentrated apple juice in the country. The average price of frozen orange juice is the average price of imported frozen orange juice in the country. The average price of international orange juice futures is the New York futures trading. The average price of ice frozen concentrated orange juice futures, the average export price of tomato sauce is the weighted average export price of various packaging ketchup.