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How To Save Tomato Sauce

Apr 06, 2017

1 unopened tomato sauce low temperature, room temperature can be saved, preferably in minus 2 degrees Celsius to zero between 4 degrees Celsius temperature. This environment is not conducive to bacterial growth and growth, is conducive to long-term preservation; but if the storage conditions are limited, then even at room temperature can be saved. In the northeastern part of the ordinary warehouse in winter temperatures can reach minus 20 - 40 degrees Celsius, this temperature is beyond the range of tomato sauce, in general, the minimum temperature of tomato sauce can not be less than minus ten degrees Celsius, and tomato sauce because there are other Accessories to add, the minimum temperature is best not less than minus 5 degrees Celsius.

2, after opening the tomato sauce to eat as soon as possible, tomato sauce once opened the packaging, shelf life sharply shortened, the general pure tomato sauce (straight sauce) at room temperature is two or three days, tomato sauce because add a small amount of anti-corrosion Agent, room temperature preservation can generally reach 5 - 7 days, more than this time is not degenerate, it is recommended not to eat, and do not buy later, preservatives certainly exceeded. To the cold storage temperature, the preservation of pure tomato sauce is 5 - 7 days, tomato sauce season is generally 10 - 15 days between, so open the packaging of tomato sauce to eat as soon as possible.

3 bags, filling tomato sauce almost no extension of the preservation of the way, and bottled tomato sauce can be used to extend the shelf life of the second sterilization method. After opening the bottle, the tomato sauce together with the bottle in the pot for 10 minutes, cover the lid, hot room temperature after cooling, into the refrigerator, the next time you can open the food, the middle does not open the cap, the general Can hold up to 50 days or so. But this is not absolute, there are sterilization is not complete, the cap is not strict lead to save failure. Time is too long, be sure to check the color and smell of tomato sauce is normal.