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Edible Taboo Of Tomato Paste

Jun 06, 2017

Tomato Paste is a sauce-like concentrated product of fresh tomatoes. is a fresh red paste, with a unique flavor of tomatoes, is a distinctive condiment, generally not directly to the entrance. Tomato paste by the mature red tomatoes by crushing, beating, removal of skin and seeds, such as coarse material, by concentrating, canning, sterilization. Tomato Paste commonly used as fish, meat and other food cooking seasoning, is the color, add acid, help fresh, Yu Xiang seasoning jiapin. The application of Tomato Paste is an important flavoring content to form the flavor characteristics of Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine.

Tomato Paste In addition to the lycopene also has vitamin B group, dietary fiber, minerals, protein and natural pectin, and other than fresh tomatoes, tomato paste nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.

1. Inhibit cancer

Lycopene has a prophylactic effect on some types of cancer, has inhibitory effect on breast cancer, lung cancer and endometrial carcinoma, and can also fight against lung cancer and colon carcinoma.

2. Anti-Aging

Tomato red is known as diuretic and inhibit the effect of bacterial growth, is a good antioxidant, can remove the body's free radicals, anti-cancer effect is beta-carotene twice times.

3. Promote appetite

Tomato Paste taste sour sweet and delicious, can increase appetite, lycopene in the state containing fat is more easily absorbed by the body.

Edible taboo of Tomato Paste

1. Acute enteritis, bacillary dysentery and ulcer patients avoid food.

2. After the opening of tomato paste, should be finished as soon as possible, during the sealing refrigeration.

3. Tomato Paste and certain foods can produce a lot of calories, and people who are losing weight are wary of eating.