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Development Of Ketchup

Aug 08, 2018

After several years of painful destocking process, the tomato sauce processing company finally hoped that the market will warm up in 2013, but the domestic tomato sauce production giant COFCO Tunhe (600737, SH) has encountered new problems.

According to local media reports in Xinjiang, on August 9, 2013, next to a tomato farmland of the 143th Regiment of the 8th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Han Qixin, deputy general manager of the COFCO tomato department, held a contract with the farmer, but looked at it. The picking machine of Xinjiang Tianye (600075, SH) took away the tomato raw materials. However, the Xinjiang Tianye Dong secret office told reporters that they did not know about the situation.

As one of the world's three major sauce tomato farms in Fanliao, most of the tomatoes in Xinjiang in China adopt the order farming model, and in the face of the raw material snapping caused by the pickling of ketchup prices, Qin Gang, deputy secretary general of Xinjiang Characteristic Agricultural Products Industry Association, Economic News (Weibo) reporter said that enterprises compete for raw materials, showing that there are many problems in the agricultural model of tomato planting orders, and enterprises and farmers may not benefit.