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Cultivation Techniques Of Kidney Beans

Oct 10, 2017

1, the selection of improved varieties: seed is to improve the yield of kidney beans, quality and value of its key commodity, more than 2000 meters above sea level to white kidney beans, large flower kidney beans. Before sowing should be selected grain, the choice of large, full, uniformity, gloss consistent, no pests and damaged seeds. Before sowing, drying in the sun for one to two days, to promote the germination and tidy, to prevent the early spring low temperature seeding of the bad species.

2, fine soil preparation: planting kidney beans to advance plowing, sun mattress to improve soil fertility. First choose the deep soil, fertility medium, low groundwater level, good drainage, ventilation sunny, organic matter content is relatively high acid or slightly acidic soil cultivation. Shi foot base fertilizer, soil preparation before the acres of fertilizer 188-2000 kg per acre, with 25 kg per acre fertilizer for seed fertilizer, but avoid phosphorus and potassium contact with the seeds. Planting plots should be kept deep plowing ridge, ditching, playing pond, sowing should be in the day when the rush to plant to reduce the loss of water evaporation.

3, timely sowing: white kidney beans should not be cropping, taken with corn or potatoes planted every other year. The best sowing date of kidney beans is April 20 to May 5, that is, Guyu to Li Xia. Should use the liquid tide to plant, deep pond deep, in order to maintain soil moisture, to ensure a one-time whole seedlings, planting depth of 10-15 cm. Cover about 6 cm or so.

4, reasonable close planting: kidney beans ridge cultivation, kidney beans like wet and afraid of floods, ridge cultivation can improve the temperature, conducive to drainage and moisture, to maintain soil permeability. Net seed kidney beans line spacing 2.0-2.5 feet from the ridge, pond from 2000-2500 ponds, acres of species with 5-6 kg, 3-4 pond pond. Top 100 acres of acres per acre, planting specifications for the 90 cm × 50 cm, middle and lower fields per mu 1600-1800 pond, planting specifications 90 cm × 40 cm. Acres of seeding is generally 8-10 kg, net species are generally single pond pond sowing. Reasonable close planting should grasp the wet and sowing, lean to close the principle. Fertilize the use of soil to plant advantages to achieve high yield, lean to use the advantages of groups to increase production.