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Cultivation Conditions Of Kidney Beans

Oct 10, 2017

White kidney beans is an annual herb, is a legume kidney beans. Root system developed, deep into the soil, more drought. Stems and sprouts, growing vigorously, strong branching, stem length of 4 meters or more. Leaves green, alternate three leaves, heart-shaped, cotyledons do not unearthed. Flowers for the butterfly flower, racemes, seed kidney-shaped, 1000-grain weight 800-1500 grams.

There are two types of kidney beans that are white kidney beans and big black kidney beans. Open white flowers of the seed is white, called white kidney beans; open safflower seeds are mostly purple black large plaque or markings, called big black kidney beans or large flower kidney beans.

1, temperature: kidney beans more cold, bogey high temperature, the temperature is lower than 5 ℃ when the frozen, the case of frost on the ground part of the death. Growth and development requirements of frost-free period of 120 days or more, the most suitable germination temperature of 20-25 ℃, suitable for the growth temperature of 18-20 ℃, higher than 30 ℃ or below 15 ℃ pollination difficult.

2, light: a cross flower pollination, short day crop, and like sunny enough. Sunshine time is shorter, sunny enough, kidney beans flowering, pods, mature time in advance. On the contrary, the sunshine extension, lack of sunshine, kidney beans flowering, pods, mature time extension, branches and leaves long, and even can not flowering pods.

3, water: in the whole growth period, the kidney beans require more adequate and uniform moisture, flowering podding period is the most water needs of the period, that is, water critical period. At this time if the lack of water, a greater impact on the yield.