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Characteristics Of Beans

Jun 28, 2017

Bean refers to all Beans that produce pods. At the same time, it is also commonly used to call Beans of butterflies in subfamily as Beans for food and feed. In hundreds of useful Beans, so far widely cultivated beans crops no more than 20 species.

The roots of beans are developed, conical, with main roots and lateral roots. The roots of perennial beans are deeper and can absorb the deep calcium of soil, so the mixed cultivation of Beans and grasses can contribute to the formation of soil aggregates. The roots of the root of the root can fix the free nitrogen in the air as its own nutrition, the stems are mostly herbaceous, and the base is slightly lignified, such as soybeans, papyrus, etc., usually cylindrical, Shaped, such as beans. Stem growth habits are upright, sprawling, climbing and so on. Leaves are compound leaves, alternate or opposite, beans seeds after germination, seedling growth cotyledons unearthed and cotyledons two different ways. In the seed germination when the hypocotyls quickly extend, the cotyledons are pushed out of the soil, as cotyledons unearthed; the other hand, hypocotyl extension is restricted, cotyledons remain in the soil.

The economic value of Beans is high, and because most of the seeds are rich in protein, they are an important source of protein nutrition for humans and livestock. Some beans, such as soybeans, peanuts and four ribs, are rich in edible oils, in addition to abundant protein. Many Beans of protein content between 20 to 40%, a few up to 40 to 60%, the protein content than cereals 2 to 3 times higher than the potato 5 to 10 times higher. In addition, the stems and branches of beans, leaves are also rich in protein, usually up to 8 ~ 14%, and cereal stems, leaves contain only 4 to 6% of protein, so the stems and leaves of beans is higher nutritional value Of the feed and excellent green manure. Fresh pods, seeds and stems, leaves also contain several vitamins, nutritious vegetables and livestock green fodder.

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