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Canned Tomato Paste Canned Several Collocation Methods

May 19, 2017

On the tomato sauce, maybe we will not feel strange, because it has become a lot of people cooking an important seasoning. Generally many people buy tomato sauce will buy Canned Tomato Paste, Canned Tomato Paste how to eat? Take the following to your understanding

Tomato sauce potatoes: potatoes into a filament, the potatoes on the water in the water wash, squeeze the water, the pot put the amount of oil to heat, to be into the heat into the potatoes into the silk, until all the potatoes float After you can pick up control dry oil, pot put appropriate amount of water, pour the appropriate amount of tomato sauce, add the right amount of sugar, and finally tune the tomato sauce can be poured on the potato silk can be.

Canned Tomato Paste shrimp: shrimp washed, cut shrimp guns into the dish, wok lit, add the base oil, under the onion ginger, stir fry into the prawns stir fry thoroughly; under the tomato sauce, broth, Spices, with the fire simmer burning tastes after the juice, pour into the sesame oil pan.

Canned Tomato Paste ribs: tomato wash plan spare; garlic peeled slices, ginger washed after the cut ginger, pot filled with water to boil, the tomato under the boiling water to pick up, the ribs and ginger together into the boiling water, boiled Take the pork ribs into the bowl, add cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar, a little pepper, pickled for 10 minutes. The pot into the tomato and ginger silk, garlic slices, stir fry 2 minutes, add water submerged over the ingredients, add 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, stir into the ribs, stir fry, Boil and turn a small fire, stew to the soup is more viscous, salt seasoning, plus 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, a little sesame seeds, stir fry even after the turn of the fire can be juice.

Sweet and sour ridge: pig ridge rinse, pig ridge cut into strips, into the bowl, with eggs, pepper, salt, egg white, ginger grasping uniform pickled for 10 minutes. Pickled good ridge evenly stained with a layer of dry starch. Wok into the edible oil, burning five percent heat, into the back of the ridge to the ridge into the pale yellow when the fish out. Wok to stay at the end of the oil, add tomato sauce, add, water, white sugar, white vinegar, with wet starch, thicken sauce to thicken sauce, hook a fine sauce, pour in the dish can be fried on the ridge.

Canned Tomato Paste tofu: the Japanese tofu cut a small section. Put the Japanese tofu sticky flour. Into the pan fried to the shell hardened, golden. Remove and control oil, spare. Pot into the base oil, oil hot into the tomato sauce stir fry and then pour the amount of water, boil. Add sugar into the Japanese tofu. Soup little less, put the starch into the pan.