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Canned Chick Peas Seed Prices And Planting Methods

Oct 10, 2017

Canned Chick Peas alias green beans, cold beans, wheat beans, etc., for the leguminous pea is an annual climbing herbs, can be used for food and vegetables, origin of the Mediterranean and Central Asian region, is now one of the world's important crops, mainly in the central , Northeast and other regions, with a high cultivation value, the following we take a look at the price of pea seeds and planting method it!

How much is the pea seed?

Canned Chick Peas seed market prices vary due to different varieties and quality, generally in the 8 to 15 yuan a pound, the more common varieties are sweet crisp, grassland 31, Beijing cited 8625, gray peas, peas 8, seed shape There are round grain and crease of the points, planting to close planting, an acre of land about the need for about three pounds of seeds, about 300 to 400 pounds per mu yield.

What are the varieties of Canned Chick Peas?

1, sweet crisp: plant dwarf, 10 to 12 per plant pods, tender pods pale green, crisp texture, sweet taste, each pod seed 6 to 7, more precocious, usually about 70 days after sowing Tender pods, suitable for North China, northeast, east, southwest cultivation.

2, grassland 31: plant sprawling, single seed pod 10 or so, each pod with 4 to 5 seeds, mature 1000-grain weight of about 250 to 270 grams, is not sensitive to the sunshine reaction, most parts of the country can be cultivated, adaptive Strong, more resistant to root rot, brown spot.

3, Beijing cited 8625: plant dwarf, plant height of about 60 to 70 cm, 1 to 3 branches, tender pods thick, crisp texture, excellent character, each pod with 5 to 6 seeds, mature seeds Green, 1000 grain weight of about 200 grams, strong adaptability, long harvest period.

4, gray Canned Chick Peas: plant dwarf, seed round, 1000 gross weight 140 grams or so, 20 ~ 25 ℃ after 2 days after sowing seedlings, seedlings grow strong, leaves crisp brittle, excellent character, wide temperature adaptability, Low temperature, high temperature can be cultivated, suitable for pea seedlings intensive production.

5, in the Canned Chick Peas 8: 7 to 11 per plant pods, each pod with seeds 5 to 7, precocious, acres of green pods 400 to 500 kg, anti-drought, cold resistance, suitable for North China, northeast, Northwest planting, can be used for green peas, sprouts, but also grain or feed.