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Brief Description Of The Difference Between Tomato Sauce And Tomato Sauce

Apr 06, 2017

Tomato sauce is used in the hot dish of tomato sauce without flavoring, does not affect the cooking seasoning. Tomato Shas is tomato sauce with sugar, salt in the salad oil fry, tomato sauce has a variety of tastes.

Tomato sauce is a fresh tomato sauce-like concentrated products, with a strong tomato flavor. Do not underestimate this bottle of red glowing lovely color of the sauce, even the other side of the presidential election should take it to make an article.

When eating, tomato sauce commonly used for fish, meat and other food cooking ingredients, is add color, add acid, fresh, Yu Xiang's seasoning Jiapin, is the formation of Hong Kong Cantonese flavor flavor of an important seasoning content. Tomatoes are already exotic, tomato sauce is more full of foreign ocean flavor. Now, the supermarket in a variety of brands of tomato sauce countless, but the chefs still like to deploy their own tomato sauce.