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Tomatoes help lose weight

Apr 06, 2017

Some obese people worry about eating long fleshy, Jiangsu Yaxi food for everyone to bring benefits, that is, red and transparent tomatoes, many people are more like to eat tomatoes, not only because it is delicious, in fact, he also Help digestion, detoxification and other effects, in the case of Sibu also further improve their own obese body.

Drink tomato juice, because the most significant weight loss of tomatoes is to improve constipation and detoxification, but also can eliminate edema yo, you can change the body of easy to gain weight. It is best to add vinegar in fresh tomato juice, eat to maximize the effectiveness of its play, can further improve the metabolism, reduce our body cholesterol content. About 150 ml of tomato juice to add a spoonful of vinegar, sooner or later have to drink a cup, and long-term adhere to drink, but must drink after dinner, should not drink before meals

Eat breakfast in the morning, after dinner to drink a cup of vinegar to join the vinegar juice. After dinner, drink a glass of tomato juice. At the same time we can also choose to eat raw tomato Oh, which is the role of weight loss.