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Tomato beauty effect

Apr 06, 2017

1, freckle: the tomatoes cut, rubbing freckles, can gradually reduce the freckles.

2, anti-aging: the cooked tomatoes smashed juice, add a little sugar, used every day to apply, make the skin white, delicate, smooth, beauty, anti-aging effect is excellent.

3, whitening: tomato peeled, seeds, cucumber washed, fresh rose amount. Crush them after the filter, add lemon juice, honey, daily drinking, can promote skin metabolism, so that calm pigmentation, delicate skin white and tender.

4, weight loss: Tomato is almost entirely composed of water, used to lose weight more appropriate. The best tomato diet is: breakfast with lunch and take care to try to nutrition, dinner with 1 to 2 tomatoes instead.

5, deodorant: After bathing, add 500ml of tomato juice in the tub, and then soak the two axils in the water for 15 minutes twice a week to eliminate body odor.