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Apr 06, 2017

Lycopene (Lycopene), also known as ψ-carotene, belongs to the isoprene compounds, is a kind of carotenoids. As the earliest separation from the tomato system, so called lycopene. In the past, it has been argued that only carotenoids, such as α-carotene and β-carotene, which have the β-azlene ring and which can be converted into vitamin A are related to human nutrition and health, and that lycopene is lacking However, lycopene has excellent physiological function, it not only has the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, but also for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and other aspects of the disease, so that the physiological activity of vitamin A, Kind of adult disease, enhance the body's immune system and anti-aging and so are of great significance, is a very promising new functional natural pigment.